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Roadstar Refresher Lessons are

tailored to suit your needs.


A short refresher driving course will employ key skills such as better awareness, anticipation and planning. Such skills enable a driver to read the road better and as a result will reduce wear and tear on a vehicle and reduce fuel consumption.


A short course will result in safer, confident driving along with the reduction on vehicle maintenance and fuel and will in itself pay for the

lessons within a year’s driving.


Refresher Lessons are ideal for...


Refreshing Manoeuvres

Confidence Building

Non UK Residents

Accident Victims

Nervous Drivers

Mature Drivers

Refresher Lessons

safe driving for life...

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Powys Mature Drivers Scheme

Roadstar Driving School is part of the

Powys Mature Drivers Scheme.


The Mature Drivers Scheme is available to any full driving licence holder over the age of 55 years who wishes to improve their driving skills and to increase confidence in their driving ability.


The course is an informal, confidential assessment, which aims to offer advice and support to

enable a person to continue driving

with improved confidence.


Following a practical driving assessment, each candidate is given a comprehensive

debriefing, where advice and possible

remedial actions are discussed.

It is not a driving test!


The assessments are carried out by Approved Driving Instructors and are conducted using

either their vehicles or the clients.


The scheme is completely FREE provided you are a Powys resident and aged 55 or over.


For further information on the course or to register, please contact Powys Road Safety Unit


0845 6027030



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